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2010s. This is a troubling yet an exciting decade for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) in the city-state of Singapore. This can be seen with the massive breakdowns that all started in December 2011 when shortcomings in SMRT’s maintenance regime accumulated and caused massive disruptions across the North South Line:

File:Singapore MRT Quandary NSL Breakdown 2011.png
A broken door window on a Kawasaki C151 EMU in the December 2011 disruptions.

Since then, there has been multiple bad news hitting the MRT network, ranging from disruptions to high-level scandals such as the recall of the new Chinese-made MRT trains, the Kawasaki-CSR Sifang C151As:

Screen Shot 2016-12-25 at 10.03.21 PM.png
A screenshot from the Online Citizen depicting the C151A recall. The recall was a result of ‘hairline cracks’ on key structural components such as the sub-floor and has led to much doubt about the quality of the newer MRT trains, some of which will also be constructed by the Kawasaki-CRRC Sifang consortium like the C151As. Photo courtesy of The Online Citizen.

Despite such problems cropping up in the MRT, this decade has also seen many major improvements in the MRT network, such as SMRT’s ongoing efforts to renew the network, the opening of the largely disruption-free Downtown Line and the Land Transport Master Plan 2013:

A summary of the Land Transport Master Plan 2013, under which the Cross-Island Line (CRL), Jurong Region Line (JRL) were proposed. Figure courtesy of the Land Transport Authority.

Against this rather turbulent backdrop for the MRT network, this blog will discuss issues relating to matters regarding the creator’s views of the latest updates on the MRT and LRT networks and lessons that Singapore can take from other cities and also depict proposed ideas for how to improve the MRT network and hence, allow Singapore to make one step closer to its vision for being a car-lite city.


Author: sbs9834c

A transport enthusiast and SRJC alumnus who has served an internship with the LTA and is awaiting for university matriculation into SUTD.

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